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Assorted Viennoiseries & Muffins

Let us prepare for you a freshly baked viennoiserie assortment: butter croissants, chocolatines, various flavour muffins, etc… Suggested serving

Sandwiches On Artisan Bread

From breakfast to lunch, we switch from sweet to savoury toppings. Suggested serving.

Lunch Box

Sandwich on artisan bread, side salad & dessert served in a recyclable lunch box. Suggested serving.

Crudités Tray With Dip

We prepare our raw vegetables just before your pick-up or delivery time because we think it is mandatory for a veggie platter to look, feel and taste fresh. Suggested serving.

Breakfast Sandwiches & Tartines

Our chef will create for you tartines and/or sandwiches nicely ornated with fruits. Please mention any allergy or food intolerance. (Suggested serving - Montréal only)

Mini Viennoiseries

A full platter of mini viennoiseries is more fun with smaller bites : mini-croissants, mini-chocolatines, mini-turnovers. We allow 2 mini viennoiseries per person. Suggested serving.

Breakfast Combo

Viennoiserie or muffin with a granola yogurt or a fruit salad. Suggested serving.

Fresh Fruit Tray

Unless you want something specific, we prepare our fresh fruit tray with the best market availabilities. Please mention any allergy or food intolerance. Minimum order 6 persons. Suggested serving.

Fine Cheeses, Dried Fruits & Nuts

A star of the Happy Hour, this platter is a delicious mix of cheeses, nuts and dried fruits. Suggested serving.

Homemade Desserts

Your guests’ craving for sweets will be fulfilled with our homemade dessert platter. Suggested serving.

Side Salads

Let our chef prepare and select your side salads among an array of flavours or let us know about your preferences. Suggested serving.

Yogurt & Granola

Fruit at the bottom, vanilla or nature yogurt topped with homemade granola. A great kick start for a busy day. Suggested serving.

Fruit Salad

Here’s the lightest and freshest version of a breakfast in a jar! Suggested serving,


Hot beverages: thermos of fresh brewed coffee (10 cups) or thermos of hot boiled water for infusion (6 pouches). Cold beverages: variety of bottled drinks (juice, water, soft drinks).

Deluxe Savoury Cocktail Bites

Mini grilled cheese or mini sandwich on small brioche rolls. Suggested serving (Montréal Only)


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